Scubae Weekend

That one weekend in July where Belle and I were absolute diving babes.

YOU’RE A SPY! And Ice Cream Is Always A Good Idea

July’s starting out pretty great cause my favorite group of girls got together one rainy evening for a reunion and insane pigging out. Also, this marks the night we discovered who our real friends were… all thanks to Resistance.

The June Recall

Last month went a little something like this. You can also catch up on my other June vlogs here:

Daily Vlogging… For An Entire Week!
Reunited with Belle


Month-ender: June 2014

Last month has been my first full month out of work-related commitments so juggling getting into a whole new career mode and enjoying the freedom that came with it simply blossomed into an eventful number of days, looking back at it now. Here’s my happy list for June.

1. The end of May and the beginning of June were all about preps for Nicole’s 22nd birthday. I, with lots of help from my majestic partner in birthday-surprise crime Sarah, orchestrated Nicole’s entire week to be filled with nothing but gifts and smiles and frankly, much too many happy birthday greetings. From a 12 midnight Shakey’s and Mango Bene cake surprise to sunflowers and Nommies to a little office party to her very own bike. We really tried to make sure Nicole had the best time turning 22… and we do hope she did!


2. This may not sound like a lot but my new hanging door organizer has been making life a lot easier lately.


3. Played groupies for the day when John and I wore our matching The Drums shirts.


4. Getting back into fitness was a highlight of the month. We now regularly have badminton nights at least twice a week… and of course, eat a ton in between because we all just exercise to eat.


5. A weekend down South is always the perfect way to unwind and disconnect from the unnecessary. Getting to spend it with a crazy bunch I call my family? Even better.


6. I only have to say this once: NOMMIES.


7. I don’t think I’ve properly been to a concert this year and I feel extremely privileged and blessed to have caught Hillsong Live in Manila with friends that feel like family.


8. For one of the weekends, played mom of the house with my little sister and cooked (more like reheated but let’s stick to cook) her dinner and breakfast the next day! One of the best lazy movie + Xbox weekends we’ve had in a while.


9. I don’t know whether to be embarrassed or not for having Magnum Cafe two times in a row… but there is no shame. Also I got to see one of my favorite humans, Belle, after forever. A little over a month apart and we’re partially crazy.


10. Going out to play - literally. I don’t remember the last time I had a proper sari-sari store experience with friends. We explored our village on our (Bombay) bicycles one fine Sunday afternoon.


11. My siblings earned scare points this month for pranking me with their favorite plastic roach - twice. I fear for my life in my own household. Where could it be next?


12. June 24. It was just one of those days that felt like I did so much and so little at the same time. I kicked it off with a way overdue biking and breakfast morning with my friend Jen (had spot on killer smoothies and a breakfast of champions!), lounged in and took advantage of the poor weather watching Pretty Woman under the sheets, and of course the first of many Tuesdinners at Sarah’s with Nicole. She prepared an Italian feast for us three and we chatted on her porch only to have time end the night. 2:00 AM may be bit too late for dinner, don’t you think?


13. Having a little afternoon stroll under the rain with Marley - rain-apt attire and all.


14. And on the second to the last day of June, this. I don’t say this to them a lot but times like this make me so grateful to be surrounded by such characters. There’s no better set of people I’d like to share my pizza with.


Having compiled all this honestly made me think twice about how I’ve been feeling about the whole ‘wasting my life’ thing. Life doesn’t get put to waste when you have things like this to hold on to. I may not have appreciated all the days of the month when they were passing me one by one because I always sought after the ‘extraordinary’ - the useless and pointless kind. The kind that wouldn’t matter this much in the long run. But this is what I have and it’s up to me to see it the way it is - the kind of extraordinary I’ll ever need.

June Favorites

My first ever favorites video! Cheers… Go easy on me.

PS: Keep your eyes peeled for lots of June-related posts coming soon - both a blog post and a collated vlog of all the haps. Haps as in happenings. That didn’t work out. Alright. I’m gonna shut up now.