Gulugod Baboy x Sombrero Island

One of the best things about being friends with Ecks is her infectious weekender vibe. Despite her busy, full-time schedule she never fails to make the most of the best part of the week, also known as Saturday and Sunday. I can’t count how many times she’s attempted to make me tag along and having to painfully decline all the time. But last month I finally gave her a sure yes and found myself with two other new faces (us all strangers to each other by the way!) - her co-worker Jeff and her college friend Kervin.


And off we went to a spontaneous trip to Anilao, Batangas for a hike up Gulugod Baboy and a visit to Sombrero Island. After meeting at McDonald’s in Gil Puyat, we hopped on a Ceres bus heading to Batangas Grand Terminal, takeout in hand. Let me apologize as early as now because I failed to list down the specific expenses but right off the bat, I think I spent a good 1500-2000 for everything.


After about 3 hours of traveling (the bus, jeep and tricycle rides combined) we finally got to our start off point: Philpan Diving Resort. We headed to the hut right beside it and freshened up as well as signed our names on the log book. After a quick rest, we headed up the Gulugod Baboy trail.


A 15 minute steep, cemented stretch of a path got us panting right there and then. It wasn’t anything gradual and I’m not sure if that was a good or bad thing, but I think I personally did well considering I have zero exercise and a pretty crappy diet.


The trail had a reasonable amount of stops and this one was our favorite one, to and from. The lady who sold ice cold buko juice was probably the best thing that happened to us at the time.


Overall the hike wasn’t hard-hard, it was challenging, yes. It kept us on our toes, yes. Probably something I would do again, yes. This view? YES. I don’t think I have anything else to say because the photos have you covered.


And since we were in the area and couldn’t pass on a trip to the beach, we rented out a bangka for around 2200 (yup, it would be better for your wallets if you had more people in your group!) and braved the waters to get to Sombrero Island, about 20 minutes away. The boat ride was insane - the perfect mix of wind, water and sun. It was one of my favorite parts of the trip.



There is no concept of time in this tiny island. It was so small that it felt like we owned the place for a bit - although paying a 150 fee to stay there isn’t exactly my idea of home but you get me! The place boasted of white, stony sand surfaces as well as huge rocky paths leading to a cave on one side. The tide played along and hit them perfectly. And we had a little dog (reminiscent to my old one who passed away this year) tour us around and smother us with kisses. The entire trip felt like a long, worthwhile one despite only being away from the city for less than 24 hours. It was a much needed pause to feed our craving for adventure and rest at the same time. I’ll be back, Anilao.

PS. We rode a jeep back to the bus terminal from our family home in Batangas and the driver graciously offered some WiFi. Just thought I’d share that because I found it ridiculous and hilarious. Have a happy weekend!

A Youtube Marathon

Fancy a little vlog-watching marathon tonight? I uploaded three new videos yesterday. Hope it helps cure the boredom. X

Oh Look, A Giveaway

Nope, there isn’t a special occasion. I just happen to have two identical pineapple-printed body con dresses from H&M - one I bought for myself in Malaysia last year and one from my thoughtful darling of a friend, Sab, who also got me one during her trip to Hong Kong.

This won’t be anything complicated. Just a little ‘thank you’ from me to the lovely lot who view, comment, ask, like or follow my online randomness in any of my social media nests… also basically cause I have no need for two of the same dresses to be honest.

All you have to do is head on over and follow me on Instagram (Username: idoublesa) and comment on this same photo anything about yourself! Your name? Where you’re from? Are you left handed or right handed? Anything, really. Deadline for entering is on August 31, 7PM. This is not an international giveaway - Philippines only! I’ll be selecting the winner at random & announcing that same night before 12MN. 

And that’s about it. Thank you and have an amazing day. See you on Instagram! X

(Photo from Google Images)