A Youtube Marathon

Fancy a little vlog-watching marathon tonight? I uploaded three new videos yesterday. Hope it helps cure the boredom. X

Oh Look, A Giveaway

Nope, there isn’t a special occasion. I just happen to have two identical pineapple-printed body con dresses from H&M - one I bought for myself in Malaysia last year and one from my thoughtful darling of a friend, Sab, who also got me one during her trip to Hong Kong.

This won’t be anything complicated. Just a little ‘thank you’ from me to the lovely lot who view, comment, ask, like or follow my online randomness in any of my social media nests… also basically cause I have no need for two of the same dresses to be honest.

All you have to do is head on over and follow me on Instagram (Username: idoublesa) and comment on this same photo anything about yourself! Your name? Where you’re from? Are you left handed or right handed? Anything, really. Deadline for entering is on August 31, 7PM. This is not an international giveaway - Philippines only! I’ll be selecting the winner at random & announcing that same night before 12MN. 

And that’s about it. Thank you and have an amazing day. See you on Instagram! X

(Photo from Google Images)

Issa’s List of Bread Spreads You Must Try (…Right Now)


Well, here’s a conversation starter I bet you’ve never thought of before. Two words: bread. spread. I am quite the bread spread aficionado, having been exposed to numerous bread spread possibilities in my lifetime. I grew up with a decent amount of cultural bread spread influences and today have rounded up into a list the classics and the newfound gems in my bread spread history. Prepare the toaster.


CREAM CHEESE + JAM. The combo that knocks me out every single time. The no-fail, go-to dynamic duo, offering just the right tang and bang. My brands of choice are Kraft Philadelphia Original cream cheese, in which I think the world has no substitute for. You cannot go wrong with cream cheese ever. I love it on toast, cakes, sushi even? What an invention. For jam, Bonne Maman's strawberry preserves is hands down the best I've tried. It's the realest, the right amount of sweet and great paired with your traditional PB & J too.


CREAM CHEESE + LIVERWURST. Before anything else, thou shan’t judge the surprising goodness of liver spread. When in the mood for a more piquant option without being too meat-heavy, I opt for this. I can’t say much about it, because I know this culinary experience is no picnic in the park for everyone. But at least give it a chance? PS. My oma always used to send us the little sausage form ones, with ‘Delikatessen Leberwurst’ written in yellow and green print all the way from Germany. However now, we get the same thing locally at Santis.


PEANUT BUTTER. I had difficulty selecting among the multitude of peanut butters I have tested in the past but I’m featuring these next two because 1, they’re amazing. 2, they’re the ones we had stocked at the moment haha. Jif’s Reduced Fat is the household’s current pb of choice as we find Skippy’s Creamy one too processed, Peanut Butter & Co.'s Smooth Operator too dry and nutty, and Peter Pan's Creamy just bad in general. Jif also did a fantastic job on the Whips version. Lady’s Choice Choco Stripe is also one of the our two favorites from the brand, the other being their crispy variant (the one with the blue lid). No wrongs are done with peanut butter. And on anything, really.


CRUMPY DUO. Now I’m bring out the big guns. You were probably expecting the ever so famed Nutella to be the last on this list but no siree. Hailing from real-life chocolate kingdom Belgium, this spread has been available in Philippine seas for as long as I could remember. Crumpy Duo is what makes breakfast, breakfast in our home. Throughout the years we have bought, hoarded, used, saved, broke, recommended and given this little glass bottle (which you can turn into drinking cups - we’ve been doing this forever, I forget what other cups look like anymore) of hazelnut and white chocolate decadence. It doesn’t compare to versions by Nusica, Finetti, or Goya. There is seriously nothing like it. If there’s one life tip I could give you at this moment, it’s to get off the computer and head to your local supermarket and get some yourself. Pronto.


* Food styling and photography by Sarah Arrogante

MacBook Cases, Instax Products & More at ALBOE Shop


Attention all Macbook Pro 13 owners (nope, not retina cause we’re old skool) I come bearing good news. ALBOE Shop will be stocking up on some old time case favorites for everyone’s favorite laptop. They will coming in bundles, packages, free keyboard protectors - all in the best prints and colors. ALBOE’s also throwing in twin packs of the ever so coveted Instax wide film that no one seems to find for cheap here in Manila as well as an Instax Share - there’s only one piece available for this and the low, low price is just begging you to reserve it today. Stocks are coming in very very soon so you better get to it. Here are the links to the albums, which contain the price list and everything else you need to know in the description.

Click away:
* By the way, ALBOE APPAREL just recently launched as well!

Happy shopping!