I’ve been getting a few pretty long-ish messages on my Tumblr Ask so I figured it might be the time to use the one free email address I got when I registered my domain. So ta-da! I present to you the massive headache to configure: hello (at) idoublesa (dot) com. It’s up and working and you may simply click this link and start typing away. New things are coming up on the blog (and channel) this year and I hope to get to share the excitement with you. Let’s be friends! *internet high tens and awkward hugs with pats on the back*


Q1 (purplemeee): Hello Iss-uh! I’m an avid reader of your blog and I was just wondering how you are so naturally incredible at everything. You are simply wonderful, inside and out. Love you! 😘 sincerely, your biggest fan.

People can either see this as me brainwashing my friends into sending me fan mail or me having incredibly sweet and supportive people to call friends. I prefer the latter. Thank you Alex! I love you absolutely much. X

Q2: love your GRWM video! ADORBZ!!

Hahaha embarrassing but thank you! *internet high five*

Q3: Hi, May I ask How much have you spent on your birthday celebration at the Vanilla Cupcake Bakery? and what are the inclusives?

Hi. Oh no, I think you may have misinterpreted my post about this. We didn’t celebrate my cousin’s birthday at the shop and I’m quite positive they don’t have any party packages available yet. The party was just inspired by Vanilla Cupcake Bakery.

Q4: Hi! Where do you teach Preschool? :)

Why, hello! Disclosing this detailed piece of information is a bit too much for me… I’m sorry. If it still interests you though, I don’t work as a teacher anymore. However, I’m about to start a new job as a producer for a production company. I’m a good mix of nervous and excited as I’m typing this!

Q5: Hi!:) i’d just like to ask how is bioderma working for you? Is it good? I saw one in town center and I really wanna try it, even before. Im just scared cus I have really sensitive skin. Thank you! :)

Aloha! Bioderma is wonderful to my sensitive skin. Just how everyone else describes it, it looks and feels like plain water but works like magic in removing (stubborn) makeup residue. I also use it as a gentle toner sometimes - so refreshing and leaves me with little to no redness. I think I can compare its results to actual face washing… It cleanses so good. So yup, go for it.

Q6 (happyprincess): on your post did you just cut the white blouse or you did some sewing? thanks :)

Hi happyprincess. All the stuff I tweaked I just cut. I didn’t have the patience to sew it to make it look more put together. I think I actually prefer it that way as it looks more laid back.

Q7: Hi. Do you use BB cream? Any recommended brands?

Unfortunately, I haven’t in a long time. I’m kind of scared, to be honest? I feel like it’ll just leave me with a white cast on my face. But based on other people’s recommendations on BB creams, CC creams, tinted moisturizers and the like, I think we both should try out the Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream, Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream, Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream plus I think Olay and Rimmel both do good ones as well.

Q8 (surrealisca): Hi Issa! So I kinda stalked you last time and saw your post about going to Tagaytay and doing some thrift shopping with your mom while waiting for your sister (i think that’s how it goes…) See, I’m from Tagaytay and I do some ukay hauls from time to time so I was wondering where did you shopped that time? Thank you ;)

Hello surrealisca, I usually do most of my Tagaytay thrift shopping at this place called Jennifer’s Apparel by the rotonda. But my friend mentioned they closed down recently. I haven’t been in quite a while so I can’t really confirm that. But if you do happen to find it still open, I hope it wouldn’t be much of a bother to tell me. Oh, and what are your favorites ones around the area? I’d love to check them out!

Care for a little chat? Here’s a link to my ask.

Lately: The No Comfort Zone


This has been my view for the majority of my life after graduation. My life online has sadly become more active than my actual life but don’t get me wrong, I find a sense of productivity in getting blog posts up and posting videos on my channel because it still is something very new, exciting and scary for me. Putting up content about yourself on the internet for people (you don’t know) to see is both terrifying… and actually quite cool. Terrifying because of potential haters and cool because these strangers sometimes show appreciation that can instantly make your day. It’s crazy how anonymous compliments put a smile on my face. Heck, it’s crazy to think I already have a grin plastered on my face when I see a ‘1’ in my ask box tab. It’s a weird feeling to think that I am able to be a chunk particle of someone’s day, whether they tell me or not. I don’t claim to have any sort of popularity or following because I don’t… It just makes me happy that a few random people from different parts of the world that have at least once visited my page, may or may not have read a snippet of my life and had something to say or think about it. Just as I am with the countless blogs, articles and hours and hours of videos I have gotten to see online. It’s just so crazy.

Anyway, this post is just a simple commemoration of a date I hopefully may not forget.

Side note: this blog started out as just that. I think like a lot of people, I have a blog because I would like to look back at my life visually - it just so happens that a cool little community comes with it. Tumblr has been awesome at that.

Back to what I was saying, this post is in commemoration of April 1, 2014, my first day at a real, full-time job. The past five months of doing project-based work, ‘finding myself’ after college, having no idea how I was able to travel out of the country three times with my non-existent allowance, getting stuck in a ditch of not knowing what to do with my life or what job I wanted to have, being slapped with unbelief in myself, convincing myself that I could excel in life without having to start from the bottom, going the easy way out, bumming around, not showering til the late afternoon, endless internet nonsense, doubting my capabilities, empathizing with my co-unfulfilled, and just basically refusing to grow up and face the reality of being a 19-year-old completely done with university and everything along with it.

I have decided to put myself out there and wake up every single day, training myself to grow and getting excited to learn and create and live. What I ultimately want to do in life isn’t simple, but I have to start with simple… so I’m doing this. These past few months, I have been merely existing and at the end of each day, I was unhappy and unfulfilled because I had no impact. Getting feedback on here - whether good or not - made me extremely happy. Because it had impact. Enough of being stagnant and playing it safe. Let’s be real - I need to earn money to survive, I need to learn the ropes in this challenge called a job and progress must be made. I want to give myself a hard time, push my skills to the limit, think til I explode - only because I know it’ll make the impact that would make not only me, but everyone around me, happy. And happy’s what I’m all about. To getting my first awesome full time job right before I turn 20 - a non-alcoholic cheers.

Since October 12, 2013 and all days leading up to today, He has been nothing but faithful. And from April 1, 2014 til forever, that won’t change one bit. I cannot express in writing how much I mean it when I say to my amazing God be all the praise and judgement my life has garnered the past (almost) 20 years of my life. He and only He deserves it all. Only but an instrument I started, an instrument I am and an instrument I will be. So Future Issa, if you’re reading this, I hope you never, ever forget that.

Sunday Baking

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. This is by no means an instructional baking video. It’s just a short melodramatic film featuring my sister and I demonstrating our expert skills in baking white chocolate chip cookies. Check out the video’s down bar for a link to the recipe we based this on.

Oh, and any other video suggestions?

Malaysia - Day 2

Today was a sorry excuse to try to make the rest of the trip a bit worth it so we planned to visit Batu Caves, Central Market and have both lunch and dinner at Jalan Alor again.


I think the photos speak for themselves. Basically that’s how our day went. After Bukit Bintang, we rushed back to the hotel to get our bags and had a bit of a dilemma: we had an hour til check in counters closed, the airport was an hour away and we had no ride. We didn’t pre-book our shuttle and since we were a pretty large group, it was quite hard to find a vehicle (or three) that could take us all at the same time.

Let me narrate to you the turn of events because what else could go wrong, right? We kind of stressed out the hotel staff in finding a shuttle in such short notice, we sped through highway after highway going to the airport. It felt like forever. Our flight was at 12:15 AM and check in counters close 45 minutes before that so in our case, the time we had to beat was 11:30. We left the hotel a few minutes before 10:30. If our driver didn’t drive as fast as he did, we wouldn’t make it in time. We got to the terminal around 10:26 and ran through so many directions because airport personnel cannot for the life of them point out the exact counter we had to go plus the signs were so confusing. Imagine the whole situation with us lugging around carry-ons from counter to counter and not kidding, from one corner of the airport to another in hopes that we wouldn’t miss our flight. We got to the right Air Asia counter at 10:29 and they flat out said they were closed and that we couldn’t make it. We were furious and tired and everything just felt like crap. I backed away from the begging and haggling situation and just prayed we could at least make our flight. They made a few calls and we eventually convinced them we would make it because we didn’t have bags to check in and we can run (as you do) to immigrations and security and all that stuff. They gave us boarding passes and we ran yet again. In line for immigration, John started feeling queasy and almost blacked out of over fatigue so we had to get his bags and the guys had to carry him down to the boarding gate. It was chaos I tell you. We were all seated separately, as expected of late check-ins and got to Manila before 4:00. Capping off the fails of the trip, Angel’s newly bought Sprocket Rocket’s lens broke off probably while we were having that rushing airport situation. I feel really bad for her. So Angel, if you’re reading this, here’s a hug.

My second trip to Malaysia was… interesting. Don’t get me wrong, although nothing went right, we definitely still enjoyed laughing at our misery. It’s been a week and our LINE group still isn’t quiet. Highlights? Meeting Pharrell, duck rice and definitely great company.